Fraud Complaints

Are you the victim of a fraud? Is someone else using your identity to obtain goods or services?

To place a flag on your name so that others may not obtain further credit in your name, contact the following numbers:

IRS Fraud - Phone Calls

Visit the IRS website to fill out a complaint form if you are suspicious or if you know you have been a victim of a phone call from an IRS representative.

To avoid being the victim of a fraud:
  • Never give your Social Security number to anyone over the phone. Also be aware of places that use your Social Security Number as an identifier for you (health insurance, etc.)
  • Review all credit card statements each month and compare them to all receipts. Make sure that you check your credit report once a year. Report any unusual or suspicious activity
  • Always get a call-back number on suspicious calls regarding any and all utility companies. Compare these numbers with the numbers on your bills
  • Do not allow store employees to write your credit card number on your check. They can only document the type of credit card and year of expiration