Street Trees

In 2019, the City Commission approved a new tree ordinance, which clarifies definitions, tree care, and tree planting.  Additionally, it regulates public and private tree removal and planting. 

Public Trees

Public trees include trees that are planted on public property.  Only trees listed in the ordinance may be planted between the sidewalk and the street.  Planting standards were established to ensure street trees do not conflict with overhead or underground utilities, street corners, fire hydrants, or other trees.  Street trees may not be removed unless an arborist, paid for by the adjacent property owner, determines the tree is dead, diseased, or dying.  When an arborist produces a condition assessment, a report must be submitted to the City prior to removal.  Please contact the Department of Municipal Services if you require a tree condition assessment.  The City will remove street trees only if the tree is dead, diseased, or dying.

Private Trees

A permit must be obtained from the Department of Municipal Services in order to remove a tree on private property.   If the tree being removed is defined as a heritage tree or if it is a non-heritage tree that is located in the front yard,  it is required to be replaced.  The replacement requirement for heritage and front yard trees is dependent on the tree's condition, location, and diameter at breast height of the tree measured at 4.5-feet off the ground.  If a replacement tree of the required size cannot be reasonably placed on the property, the property owner will have an option to pay into the tree fund.  The tree fund is used to maintain and reestablish the City’s public tree canopy.

If a tree is dead, it must be removed at the owner’s expense.  Similarly, diseased trees must be treated or removed at the owner’s expense.  Should a tree be dead, diseased, or dying it is exempt from the replacement standards of the ordinance.

City Street Tree Planting Program

The City of Plymouth offers a planting program for street trees to all residents and property owners each year. Please call our office at 734-453-7737 for additional details.