Automated Trash and Recycling Collection


The City implemented the automated trash collection program in June 2005 to increase the safety, convenience, and efficiency of the solid waste operations.  In January 2015, the automated recycling collection program was added.

Service Details

Any City of Plymouth resident or business may opt-in to the automated trash and recycling collection program.  The program utilizes 95 or 65-gallon carts on wheels.  The trash carts are brown with a brown lid or blue with a blue lid marked trash.  The recycle carts are blue with a gray lid marked recycling. Information about what materials may be placed in your recycling cart can be found using this link: Acceptable Recyclable Material

The carts are strong and sturdy and include a lid to reduce odors and to keep critters out.  The carts are emptied by a truck equipped with an automated articulating arm, so the driver never has to get out of the cab.  For this reason, all trash and recycling items must be placed within the confines of the carts.  Any items outside or on top of the cart are not guaranteed to be picked up.  Hazardous materials, liquids, concrete, and compost including dirt and sod may not be placed in automated trash or recycling carts.

Collection Schedule and Holiday Collection

Automated carts must be placed out to the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day to ensure pickup.  Carts may be placed out starting at noon the day before the scheduled collection day.

Unless residents are otherwise notified, only six holidays impact collection: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  When these holidays fall on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, there will be no collection on the holiday and all pickups will be delayed by one day.  For example, if the holiday is on a Monday, then Monday collection will be on Tuesday, Tuesday collection will be on Wednesday, and Wednesday collection will be on Thursday.  If the holiday falls on a weekend, your collection day will not be affected.

View the trash and recycling collection days map.


For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, trash carts are $10.25 per month, per cart.  Trash carts are billed quarterly for residential customers at a cost of $30.75 per quarter.  For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, recycle carts are no charge per month, per cart. The fees are applied to your water bill.

How it Works

To ensure pickup, place the cart as close to the curb or roadside as possible with the wheels of the cart facing towards your house.  Place the container so that it has three feet of clearance from parked cars, mailboxes, other carts, and other street hazards or amenities. Ensure the lid can close – overfilled carts may be too heavy or may lose contents when serviced.  If your trash or recycling cart was missed, please call our office as soon as you notice at 734-453-7737 ext. 0.