2020 Infrastructure Improvement

2020 Infrastructure Improvement

Oh, what a summer it's been!  Throughout all of the social distancing, limited occupancy and reimagined events, the Department of Municipal Services has carried on at full strength, providing service without a hiccup.  Part of that has been coordinating the 2020 infrastructure improvements that were made possible by the 2019 Street Improvement Bond. 

In June, the City completed  Dewey St. infrastructure improvements, including the replacement of the water main, a sanitary sewer repair, and a complete rebuild of the road surface.

Main St. was repaved from Church to Wing and the road diet was completed from Ann Arbor Trail to Ann Arbor Rd.  The road diet was essentially new lines being painted to turn four lanes into three with a bike lane on each side.  

Farmer St. was completely reconstructed from Blunk to Theodore.  This project also included a new water main and new sanitary sewer lines.  

Evergreen between Blanche and Farmer was resurfaced and a new underground storm sewer and catch basin were constructed.

There are a few projects left to complete before the snow flies. The current pedestrian crossing signals at the intersection of Ann Arbor Trail and Main will be upgraded and enhanced to give pedestrians a head start before traffic is introduced, and a rapid flashing light will be installed at the Main St. and Hartsough crosswalk to alert motorists when pedestrians are crossing.  Theodore from PB Car Wash to Main St. will be repaved and concrete will be repaired on Junction from Blunk to Karmada.