Skateboarding and Roller Skating

Public Property

It is unlawful to roller skate or ride a skateboard on any posted sidewalk. No riding or skating is permitted on any lands leased or owned by the public in the central business district, described as that area bounded by:

  • Church Street
  • Hamilton Street
  • Harding Street
  • Harvey Street
  • Maple Street
  • Roe Street
  • Union Street
  • Wing Street

Private Property

No person shall roller-skate or ride a skateboard on private property without first obtaining and carrying on their person the written permission of the owner of such private property to allow such skating or riding.Ordinance 70-211 - 70-220.

Violations of either of the above ordinances could result in a citation being issued, skateboard confiscation, and a court appearance and fine. Be advised that fines increase if contact regarding skateboarding continues. A skateboard can be taken and held until proof of payment of fines and costs.