Patrol/Uniform Division


The Patrol / Uniform Division of the Police Department consists of two-12 hour shifts of A and B platoons. There is a sergeant over each platoon. Each shift has several officers assigned to it. Officers are responsible for:

  • Taking initial complaints
  • Assisting citizens with criminal complaints
  • Deterring crime in the city
  • Monitoring the roads for traffic violations

By patrolling the streets of the city, these officers can oversee activities in neighborhoods and respond to persons in need of help. There are uniformed officers on duty to handle calls for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extra Police Patrols

If you live or work in Plymouth and feel that the police should be aware of certain information (such as on-going problems, suspicious activity, inability to protect property, stalking, or continued victimization of a crime), you should call the Plymouth Police at (734) 354-3232 and provide the information to communications. This information will be provided to every patrol officer prior to going on duty.