Overnight Parking


Parking on any public street court, or alley within the city limits is hereby prohibited between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am with the exception of Sundays and holidays.


It is the intent of the City of Plymouth to keep streets as clear as possible between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am. Fewer vehicles on the street during these times provides for better street maintenance in the form of cleaning and snow removal. In addition, clear streets promote crime deterrence and offer the police department better visibility while conducting neighborhood patrols.


Parking on any public street court, or alley within the city limits is prohibited between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., with the exception of Sundays and holidays (70-93).

Tickets paid with 48 hours (including weekends and holidays) are reduced by $15. Tickets may be paid in person at City Hall located at 201 S. Main St, at the drop box in the vestibule of City Hall, at the drive through drop box at the library. Tickets are subject to $10 late fee if not paid within 14 days. Early pay and late fees are not negotiable.

Permit Information-Permanent On-Street Parking

The City Manager is authorized to establish procedures for the issuance of permits for parking overnight on city streets and municipal parking lots (70-95).

The City Manager has designated that the Police Department shall have charge of the application for overnight on-street and residential parking permits. Further, the Police Department shall conduct all necessary investigations to determine need for overnight on-street residential parking permits.

Applications for Overnight Parking Permits are available at the Police Department front counter within City Hall or online: parking permit application.

Applications must be completed in their entirety and submitted with all required documentation. Completed applications will then be turned over to the Police Department's Ordinance Officer to review and investigate the need for a permit per this policy.

It shall be the policy of the City and required that the vehicles shall fill all available parking spaces, as determined by the building code for vehicles including the garage and driveways. A parking space shall be considered available if the original construction was for the parking of a vehicle. This includes garage space that is being used for storage and not available for vehicle parking. If garage space is being used for storage it shall be included in the available parking spaces for that residence. Be advised that driveway space, garage space, the number of vehicles and the size of vehicles are all taken into consideration during the permit process.

All vehicles must be registered to the residence address requesting the permit. Further, the driver's license of the person requesting the permit must show a valid City of Plymouth address for the location in question.

There shall be a $25.00 fee paid to the City of Plymouth for Overnight Parking Permits. This fee shall be used to cover the cost of the permit as well as processing the permit and the necessary Ordinance Officer investigation related to the permit. Permits for on-street parking are valid from July 1 through June 30 (prorated by application date).

When a parking permit is approved, it must be properly attached to the bottom left side of the rear bumper. (Make sure the bumper is clean and then wiped with rubbing alcohol before placing the permit on the bumper.) Be advised, this permit does not allow for parking in undesignated areas and does not guarantee an on-street parking space during special events (i.e.; Fall Festival, Art in the Park, etc).

Permits are renewed annually in June for those residents that have had a permit in the past year, however, documentation for the permit will still be checked during the renewal process, by checking the same information that is needed for the application process.

Temporary On-Street Parking

It is understood that specific situations arise from time to time in which overnight on-street parking may be necessary. Such situations are considered temporary and infrequent. They may include emergencies, home or driveway construction, and out-of-town guests. To facilitate this need, the Temporary Overnight Parking List has been established to provide authorization for such temporary and infrequent situations.

Temporary overnight parking authorization will be limited to no more than 14 days in a calendar month. In extreme cases, additional days may be permitted at the discretion of the Chief of Police or his designee.

There is an online portal to enter your information into the temporary overnight parking list. This information is automatically sent to the Plymouth Community Communications Center (PCCC).

This is a temporary list and cannot circumvent the application process listed above. This list is monitored and those found abusing the list will be ticketed. Please direct any questions to (734) 453-1234 x 219.

Administrative Dismissal

If you feel that a parking ticket has been issued in error, an appeal for an administrative dismissal is possible. The Administrative Dismissal Form must be completed in full, and it will be evaluated by the Chief of Police for its possible dismissal. If the Chief deems that the parking ticket is a question of fact and he cannot administratively dismiss same, you may request a court hearing in front of a magistrate or judge. Contact the 35th District Court at 734-459-4740 to schedule a  hearing date.

Handicap parking violations that have been issued where a valid handicap permit is available (possibly due to improperly displayed or expired) will be administratively dismissed if the documentation is presented with the violation at the Police Department.