• Drivers must be at least 15 years old and a posses either a valid driver's license or a Moped license, which may be obtained from the Secretary of State.   
  • Operators less than 19 years of age must wear an approved motorcycle helmet.
  • Driving on sidewalks or bike paths is not permitted.
  • A moped may be operated on the roadway if it displays a valid permit and all traffic laws are obeyed. Mopeds must be driven as near to the right side of the roadway as possible.
  • No passengers are permitted to ride on the moped.
  • Mopeds are required to be registered with the Secretary of State, and a registration decal must be affixed to the rear bumper.

Additional information can be obtained from the Michigan Secretary of State at the website here.


Go-peds are not permitted to be operated within the City of Plymouth, either on the roadway or on the sidewalk. They do not have all of the accessories needed for safe operation (i.e. seat, rear view mirror, horn, handlebar height requirements, stop / brake light, front and rear brakes, and headlight).