City Commission


Established by City Charter, Chapter 5, July 23, 1951


All legislative or policy forming powers of the City shall be vested in, exercised, and determined by a commission consisting of the mayor and six commissioners.  The Plymouth City Commission shall be responsible for adopting ordinances, resolutions, the City budget, and determining the tax rate.


Seven members, who are elected at large in nonpartisan elections for overlapping terms, form the City Commission. The Commission elects a mayor and a mayor pro tem after the general election at the first regular meeting.


First and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  When a meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting is held the following evening.


Send an email to the entire City Commission at

photo of Plymouth City Commission

Oliver Wolcott, Mayor
Term expires November 8, 2021

Nick Moroz, Mayor Pro Tem
Term expires November 8, 2021

Suzi Deal, Commissioner
Term expires November 8, 2023

Kelly O'Donnell, Commissioner
Term expires November 8, 2023

Tony Sebastian, Commissioner
Term expires November 8,  2023

Marques ThomeyCommissioner
Term expires November 8, 2021



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