Brush Pick Up

Service Details

Any City of Plymouth resident or business may utilize curbside brush chipping.  Brush chipping is a year-round service and allows for the disposal of larger limbs and branches at the curb.  No city bags or tags are required for brush pickup.  Additionally, there is no need to notify Municipal Services of limbs at the curb.  Brush chipping is not available to tree contractors.

Collection Schedule

Brush must be placed at the curb before 6:00 a.m. on the Monday of your designated pickup week.  This is not an on-demand service, please follow the below schedule:

If your address is in area A, crews will be in your area the first full week of the month.

If your address is in area B, crews will be in your area the second full week of the month.

If your address is in area C, crews will be in your area the third full week of the month.

If your address is in area D, crews will be in your area the fourth full week of the month.

The schedule is subject to change due to city staffing levels, equipment, weather events, etc. 

View the area map.


There is no cost to utilize this service.

How it Works

City crews will chip your brush at your curbside.  To ensure your brush is chipped quickly and safely, please follow these guidelines:

  • Place brush neatly at the curb, stacked in all one direction.
  • Place the cut ends facing towards oncoming traffic.
  • Ensure limbs are at least 3 feet long – smaller sticks and twigs should be placed out for compost collection in a Kraft bag or can marked for compost.
  • Keep limbs long – no need to cut into shorter pieces.
  • Ensure brush pile is not taller than 5 feet tall.
  • Clear root balls of all dirt.
  • Limbs with thorns and vines or vine-like weeds cannot be chipped – place vines out for compost collection.
  • Ensure vehicles are not blocking or parked too close to brush piles.
  • Keep brush removed from any legal, marked parking space or fire hydrant.
  • Keep brush separate from bulk leaf piles in the fall season.
  • Diameter of each limb should not exceed 6 inches.

Christmas Tree Collection

All Christmas trees are chipped at the curb as part of the brush chipping program.  Please ensure all lights, stands, tinsel, and ornaments are removed prior to tree being placed at the curb.  There is no need to place trees in a plastic bag.