Candidate Filing Information


City of Plymouth General Election for City Commission - November 7, 2023

There will be four City Commission terms expiring in 2023.
The City of Plymouth will not have a primary election and there will be seven candidates on the November 7, 2023 ballot for City Commission:


Suzi Deal      Linda Filipczak      Kelly O’Donnell

Catherine Coburn     Brock Minton      Ron Picard      Josh Rimatzki

Write-in Candidates
should file the Write-In Candidate Declaration of Intent form with the City Clerk no later than the filing deadline of 4:00 p.m. Friday, October 27, 2023.


City of Plymouth
Information for
City Commission Candidates
Primary August 8, 2023 (no primary)**
General  November 7, 2023

Michigan Election Law (Excerpt)  ACT 116 of 1954

** If not more than twice the number of candidates as there are persons to be elected (8) to that office have filed, the August Primary shall not be held and valid petitions shall be declared the nominees for the offices


There will be four City Commission terms expiring in 2023 *all eligible to run in 2023

One – two (2) year term              Three – four (4) year terms

Eligibility for Office of City Commission

Pursuant to City Charter Section 4.4, must be a City of Plymouth resident for a minimum of one

year prior to primary election last filing day and be a qualified and registered elector of the city.

Filing Requirements:

(1) Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing is required from all candidates [two-original & copy acceptable]

(2) Nominating Petitions (City/Township Nonpartisan) A candidate who seeks a non-partisan office must file a non-partisan nominating petition which bears the requisite number of valid signatures. [at least 40 signatures but no more than 100 signatures]     *make copies of your signed petitions before you file                                   **Filing fee of $100 Does Not Apply**

Contact the City Clerk’s office to pick up a candidate packet. 


Filing Deadline                    No later than 4:00p.m., Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Withdrawal Deadline  No later than 4:00p.m.,  Friday, April 28, 2023

Withdrawal must be in submitted to the City Clerk’s office in writing and signed by the
        candidate (electronic signatures not accepted)

Filing Location            City of Plymouth City Clerk’s Office
                                             201 S. Main
                                             Plymouth, MI 48170

                                             734-453-1234 ext. 234, 225

                                                Call or Email the City Clerk to schedule a filing appointment.
Recommended to ensure the City Clerk is available to accept the filing. 

Campaign Finance

Candidates and persons acting on their behalf are reminded that they are subject to provisions of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. It is a candidate’s responsibility to contact the Wayne County Clerk‘s office to determine what requirements they are subject to regarding campaign finance. This law requires filing of various financial reports with the Wayne County Clerk.

Visit for Campaign Finance.

Additional Information
Filing requirements for the City of Plymouth City Commission can be located in the Plymouth City Charter. Additional helpful candidate filing information and guideline can be found on websites for the State of Michigan, Wayne County, MI and the Michigan Municipal League.