How to Redeem

Redeem a Vehicle Towed From Private Property / Impound

By Michigan law (257.252k), it is unlawful to park a vehicle on private property without the property owner's consent (vehicle trespass). If this has occurred and you find your vehicle missing, the private property owner may have authorized a towing company to tow and impound the vehicle. If so, the towing company must report the vehicle identification information to the Police Department for entry into the computerized Law Enforcement Information Network, so that its status and location can be determined when the vehicle owner appears to redeem the vehicle. Michigan Vehicle Lost & Found can also be accessed if you feel that your vehicle has been impounded and it is unknown where it was towed to or by whom.

  • To redeem your vehicle, call the police dispatch at 734-354-3232. If your vehicle was towed from private property at the property owner's request, it is necessary for the registered owner to appear in person at the Police Department to obtain a release form, so the vehicle can be removed from the computer system.
  • Police personnel will inform you where to retrieve your vehicle from and how to get there. No payments are made at City Hall.
  • Make sure that you have enough funds available to pay all the towing and impound fees to redeem your vehicle. You will also need your driver's license and vehicle registration and the release form from the Police Department.

Redeem a Vehicle Towed / Impound for Other Circumstances

  • The registered owner of the vehicle will need to bring their driver's license and vehicle registration to the Police Department administration desk.
  • If circumstances necessitate, enough valid drivers will need to be present to be able to release the vehicle. Any appropriate paperwork should also be brought to the Police Department. If the vehicle was impounded for improper or expired plates, vehicle insurance, or driver being suspended, the appropriate clearance paperwork will need to be shown.
  • Police staff will give directions to the towing company after proper documentation has been shown. The vehicle release form and enough money to pay all outstanding fees will be necessary for the towing company to be able to release the vehicle.
  • If necessary, arrangements can be made for the vehicle to be towed only from the impound yard. This is only available in certain circumstances and will be explained further if necessary by police staff.

Towing Company Contact Information

Currently, the City of Plymouth contracts with Mayflower Auto Transport located at 1179 Starkweather, Plymouth, MI 48170

You may contact Mayflower Auto Transport by calling 734-459-0053.