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August 23, 1999


Cemetery Board of Trustees

August 23, 1999 7:00pm

City Hall Council Chambers


Members Present

Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Dougherty, and Trustee Wilcox. ABSENT: Trustee Robertson.

Also Present: Rod Hage.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Knapp to approve the minutes as written for the April 26 1999 meeting.




Chairwoman Olson noted that she had reviewed the Cemetery Rules pamphlet, and noted that it still said DPW instead of DMS. Rod Hage said that it would be updated in the next update.

A suggestion was brought to Scott Baker, Assistant Director of DMS, regarding decoration standardization at the Riverside Cemetery Mausoleum. This includes the use of Bronze vases and hardware as a standard decoration on all crypt and niche fronts. These would be stocked by the city, and sold to the families (at a cost of $25-$75) that desire them. Rod Hage showed the Board members a catalog and price sheet of the Bronze vases, and indicated that a written recommendation would be given at the next Cemetery board meeting. There was general discussion about the current decorations on the crypts, and the board was pleased with the idea and supported standardizing with this type of vase. Rod Hage said that he would encourage the family of Joseph Rosa to go ahead and purchase a vase and holder and we would install it as a test.

Rod Hage also said that he and Mark Hammar were working on new rules covering decorations in the Riverside Mausoleum, and will present them to the Cemetery Board for their consideration at the next meeting. There was discussion about Mr. Werth’s crypt decoration, which was a large hanging flower basket. Trustee Wilcox noted that this particular situation might need to be "Grandfathered", or some other consideration. Rod Hage said that he would approach Mr. Werth on this item.

Chairwoman Olson asked if it were practical or possible to install sprinklers in the entrance drive when improvements were made next spring by the 35th District Court Landscape project. Rod Hage said he would look into it and get an answer to the Board for the next meeting.

Trustee Wilcox brought forward a concern about sale of cemetery property, noting the property that had been sold which is now Industrial Drive. In the future, he recommended that all properties should only be LEASED out, not sold. This was only for discussion, no motion was made.

Trustee Wilcox also noted that he was very pleased with the appearance and maintenance of the Cemetery. Trustee Knapp also noted that the mowing contractor has improved his quality of service in the last month. Chairwoman Olson and Trustee Dougherty also made comments on their satisfaction with the efforts of the DMS staff and thanked Rod Hage for taking his duties at Riverside to such a personal level.


The Board reviewed the staff report presented to them. This generated a number of questions to Rod Hage. A concern over the 1999-2000 Budget cuts of the Cemetery fencing, casket lift, Cemetery map, and final phase of Road Paving was discussed, and the Board asked Rod Hage what immediate impact these had and about the current casket lift condition. Also, questions regarding the status of Block M sales, layout, and comments from cemetery visitors were presented to Rod Hage. He indicated that he had no feedback from visitors, and that 2 sales have been made. The block is only about 15% complete in its layout, but expects it to be complete this fall.

It was moved by Trustee Wilcox that the meeting be adjourned, and seconded by Trustee Dougherty, at 7:45pm.



Next Meeting: Monday, November 29, 1999, 7:00pm City Hall Council Chambers