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November 29, 1999


Cemetery Board of Trustees

November 29, 1999 7:00 pm City Hall Council Chambers

ROLL CALLMembers Present: Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Dougherty, Trustee Robertson, Trustee Wilcox.

Also Present: Mark Hammar, Harold Monet

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTESIt was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Knapp to approve the minutes as written for the August 23, 1999 meeting.


NEW BUSINESS – Chairwoman Olson recognized Mr. Harold Monet, owner of a two-grave plot at Riverside Cemetery to present his matter to the Board. Mr. Monet expressed his displeasure with current cemetery rules and regulations allowing markers to extend the full width of a single or double gravesite. Specifically, Mr. Monet is unhappy with the size of the MASON-STOBBE granite upright marker which is directly south of his plot. Mr. Monet stated that the current rule is "ridiculous" and should be amended to reflect common sense. Mr. Monet inquired as to the author of the current rules. Trustee Wilcox responded by stating that they are a culmination of current and former board members as well as Administration recommendations, based on surveys of surrounding cemeteries. After further discussion, Chairwoman Olson advised Mr. Monet that the MASON-STOBBE marker conforms to current rules and rejected Mr. Monet’s proposal that the marker be reduced in size. Chairwoman Olson was joined by the full Board of Trustees in strongly supporting the current rules and regulations as written. The Board thanked Mr. Monet for his attendance at the meeting.

Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, and Trustee Dougherty expressed their desire to continue to serve on the Cemetery Board of Trustees for another term, as their current terms expire on December 31, 1999. Their intentions were so noted, and the Administration will forward their request for re-appointment to the City Clerk for placement on the agenda for the next City Commission meeting.

As the Board reviewed the dates for year 2000 quarterly meetings schedule, it was brought to the attention of the Administration that a correction was in order regarding the date of the first quarterly meeting in February 2000. It was noted that February 28, 2000 is the fourth Monday of that month and is the correct date for the first quarterly meeting of the year 2000.

OLD BUSINESS – The Administration informed the Board of Trustees that it is continuing to draft rules and regulations pertaining to crypt and niche front decorations, and will present this information to the Board members at their next meeting on February 28, 2000. The Board also requested a sample bronze vase be made available for consideration as the standard crypt or niche mounted vase for the Riverside Mausoleum.

CORRESPONDENCE – Chairwoman Olson commented on the quality of the Staff Report, and was especially pleased to see the figures showing the various interment and sales activities at Riverside Cemetery during the preceding quarter.

Several Board members commented on the document on the history of the Brearly family in Plymouth that was provided by Ms. Margaret James, a relative and former Plymouth resident. Chairwoman Olson stated that she will be sending off a letter of thanks to Ms. James for providing this interesting document to the Board for their review. Trustee Wilcox offered that perhaps a copy of this document should be forwarded to the Historical Museum for their records. The Administration will follow through with this request.

The Board was unanimous in their praise of the current state of Riverside Cemetery, and again expressed their hopes that roadway paving would be completed in the year 2000.

It was moved by Trustee Knapp, and seconded by Trustee Robertson that the meeting be adjourned at 8:05 pm.


NEXT MEETING: Monday, February 28, 2000, 7:00 pm City Hall Council Chambers