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February 28, 2000


Cemetery Board of Trustees

February 28, 2000 7:00pm City Hall Council Chambers

ROLL CALL – Members Present: Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Robertson, Trustee Wilcox. ABSENT: Trustee Dougherty

Also Present: Mark Hammar

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – It was moved by Trustee Wilcox and seconded by Trustee Robertson to approve the minutes as written for the November 29, 1999 meeting.


OLD BUSINESS – Board members reviewed the first draft of new rules and regulations addressing decorations on Crypt and Niche fronts at the New Garden Mausoleum at Riverside Cemetery. Chairwoman Olson recommended that Rule #1 wording be changed from "shall" to "may" to read: During the 60 day Mourning Period, flowers, plants, and similar objects may be placed on the sidewalk… Trustee Wilcox recommended that Rule #3 should include the following: Wreaths will be removed by the Cemetery Superintendent should they become unsightly. It was moved by Trustee Knapp and seconded by Trustee Wilcox to accept the first draft of the new rules and regulations for Crypt and Niche decorations with the above changes in wording to Rules #1 and #3, with the final draft available for review by Board members at the May 22, 2000 meeting.


NEW BUSINESS – Administration distributed revised copies of the names and term expiration dates of the Cemetery Board of Trustees, and congratulated Chairwoman Olson and Trustee Knapp on their re-appointments to new 3-year terms. Trustee Dougherty was also re-appointed to a new 3-year term, but was absent from the meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE – Board members reviewed the Staff Report from the Administration and expressed their pleasure with the information being made available to them each meeting. The Administration elaborated on the recent bid opening of the annual Landscape Maintenance Contract which includes mowing and trimming of Riverside and Pearl St. cemeteries. All bids submitted were reviewed and references of the low bidder, D & J Lawn and Snow, were contacted for comments relating to the performance of D & J. Trustee Wilcox inquired as to the cost to mow Riverside Cemetery in 2000 versus the 1999 price. He was informed that D & J’s price per cut for both mowing in the summer and mulch mowing in the fall is $650. In 1999, GreenKeepers charged the City $455 per mowing cut and $670 per mulching cut.

Trustee Wilcox commented on the improved look of the roadways which were paved in 1998 and inquired if the Administration planned to finish the paving project at Riverside in 2000. He was informed that Scott Baker, Asst. DMS Director intends to include in the 2000-2001 Budget funds to complete the paving of roadways at Riverside.

The Cemetery Board of Trustees was unanimous in their praise of the appearance of Riverside Cemetery and requested their comments be passed on to cemetery maintenance staff.

It was moved by Trustee Wilcox and seconded by Trustee Knapp to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 am.


NEXT MEETING: Monday, May 22, 2000 – 5:00 pm at Riverside Cemetery