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May 22, 2000


Cemetery Board of Trustees

Monday, May 22, 2000 5:00 pm Riverside Mausoleum

ROLL CALL - Members Present: Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Dougherty. ABSENT: Trustee Robertson, Trustee Wilcox.

Also Present: Rod Hage

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Knapp to approve the minutes as written for the February 28, 2000 meeting.


OLD BUSINESS – Board members reviewed the final draft of the Cemetery Mausoleum Rules and Regulations. After a brief discussion about them, it was moved by Trustee Knapp and seconded by Trustee Dougherty to accept them as written.


The Board members also inspected the new vase and holder installed on a crypt on the West most wall of the Mausoleum. There was expressed some concern over the cost of the metal versus plastic vase, and permanent versus removable holders. The Board felt they had approved only the removable holder, as the permanent one could be unsightly when a vase is not is place, or even become a safety issue or vandalism problem.

The Board also elected to allow Mr. Werth to continue to have his hanging live flower on his wife’s crypt as long as it did not infringe on other crypts and was kept neat and in good condition.

Chairwoman Olson said she would contact Mr. Eric Childs regarding the flag that was glued on Mrs. Childs’ crypt, so that it could be removed by the family.

NEW BUSINESS – Rod Hage presented the Board with a bench program, where the benches would be purchased by families through the City, and placed in pre-determined locations. The City can purchase these benches at a greatly reduced cost through Inch Memorials of Northville, and charge retail in order to cover cost of installation and future maintenance. The Board gave permission to go forward with the program as decribed, and to present a formal written program at the next quarterly meeting. The Board also approved the immediate sale of the benches for installation around the flag pole, and near the Werth crypt of the Mausoleum.

The Board conducted a brief walk-through inspection of the grounds and indicated that they were very pleased with the appearance and upkeep of the cemetery. They expressed their thanks to Rod Hage for his efforts and level of personal care he provides to the families at Riverside.

Rod Hage also showed the Board members two areas that future graves could be plotted. One along the east end of Block G and J, and a second for infants at the north end of Block G. The Board indicated that they approved of these areas to be further developed, if Buckeye Pipeline approved the area as not infringing on their right-of-way.

The Board was quite concerned over the state of the area of Block G that borders the east fence. Many cement borders and shrubs, large planting areas and other unauthorized items were on a vast percentage of lots in the area. They expressed their desire that these items be removed, only after contacting the families first to remove and restore the area or that we would do it for them after a certain date.

CORRESPONDENCE - The Board reviewed the staff report, and it was approved as written.

It was moved by Trustee Dougheryt and seconded by Trustee Knapp that the meeting be adjourned at 5:45 pm, and that the inspection of the grounds commence after adjournment.



NEXT MEETING: Monday, August 28, 2000 – 7:00 pm at City Hall