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February 26, 2001


Cemetery Board of Trustees

February 26, 2001 – 7:00 pm – City Hall


ROLL CALL – Members Present:  Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Grzywacz.             ABSENT: Trustee Robertson, Trustee Dougherty

Also Present:  Mark Hammar


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – It was moved by Trustee Knapp and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to approve the meeting minutes of November 27, 2000 as written.


                                                MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


OLD BUSINESS – Administration explained the need to specify an approved vase and holder for crypt and niche fronts at the Riverside Mausoleum in an effort to project a clean, uniform look and to eliminate the need for such prohibited items at plastic hooks and wire hangers.  Trustee Grzywacz was pleased that this matter was being addressed and favored specifying a bronze vase over the less durable plastic model.  Chairwoman Olson also commented that she was in favor of the bronze vase and felt the total cost for the bronze vase and holder ($107) would not be considered excessive by the public. 


The following Resolution was offered by Trustee Grzywacz and seconded by Trustee Knapp:


WHEREAS          The City of Plymouth operates a Municipal Cemetery to help protect the public health, safety and welfare, and


WHEREAS          The City has a Cemetery Board of Trustees that makes recommendations for the proper control, maintenance, and improvement of the City cemeteries, and


WHEREAS          The Administration is recommending a bronze vase and holder as the approved unit for purchase by families to install on crypt/niche fronts at a total cost of $107.00

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Cemetery Board of Trustees does hereby adopt the bronze vase and holder as the approved unit for crypt/niche fronts at Riverside Mausoleum effective March 1, 2001,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the City Administration is authorized to generate brochures for distribution to the public which includes pricing and other pertinent information and is further authorized to advise current crypt/niche owners of this change in regulations as well as the availability of the bronze vase and holder.


Chairwoman Olson commented on the proliferation of plastic hooks and other hangers currently being placed on crypt/niche fronts and requested that DMS cemetery staff monitor this situation and remove all prohibited items found attached to crypt/niche fronts at Riverside Mausoleum.  She also commented on a similar situation taking place in Block K, where numerous prohibited decorations, such as plastic planters, are accumulating, and where several grave blankets have been blown off of gravesites due to the recent high winds and lay scattered throughout Block K.  An additional request was made by Chairwoman Olson that DMS cemetery staff continue to be diligent in removing these items throughout Block K.


NEW BUSINESS – Chairwoman Olson presented to the Board a status report on the confirmation of burial of Revolutionary War Veteran Samuel Dunn in Riverside Cemetery.  She has been in contact with the Plymouth Historical Museum, who has also been researching the matter in an effort to procure a historical marker for the cemetery.  There is some conflict in that there are reports that a Samuel Dunn is also buried in Parkview Cemetery in Livonia.  Chairwoman Olson assured the Board that she will continue to keep in contact with Museum staff on this matter.


The Administration noted that the City of Plymouth Code of Ordinances states that the Cemetery Board will meet each July for the purpose of electing a chairperson to serve a one year term. Discussion was held regarding the decision to move this matter to the agenda for the August 27, 2001 meeting instead of holding a separate meeting in July. It was moved by Trustee Knapp and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to hold the election of chairperson of the Cemetery Board of Trustees at the August 27, 2001 meeting.




Mr. John Powers, who owns Lot 156, Block B, a two-grave plot, submitted a request to the Board to consider the placement of three (3) posts connected by a chain along two sides of his corner plot.  He also requested the placement of a 3’ x 2’ x 1’ sitting rock inside the chained area.  All of these items would be purchased by Mr. Powers and installed by DMS staff.  The Administration explained that the location of the chain and rock would be directed so as not to impede maintenance or burial operations in Block B, and that the posts and chain must be a vinyl-clad type, white in color, versus a galvanized painted post and chain.  Trustee Grzywacz inquired as to whether approval of this request might precipitate additional future requests for post and chain on other corner plots. Administration stated that currently only two other areas in Riverside Cemetery have this type of protective guard around them, and that all future requests for this type of installation would be scrutinized carefully.  Trustee Knapp stated that he sees no problem in granting Mr. Powers request, based on the conditions set forth by the Administration.

It was moved by Trustee Grzywacz and seconded by Trustee Knapp that Mr. Powers request for the placement of posts and chain and a sitting rock, to be placed in the area between his plot and the road right-of-way as noted on his drawing, be approved.


MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY                                                                 


STAFF REPORT - Chairwoman Olson made note of the staff report and inquired further into the damage sustained by the Mausoleum during the recent heavy rains. She was advised that all restoration measures were taken at the time to remove water and stains from the carpet, and that some additional cleaning measures may need to be taken in the spring.  Additional repairs to the built-up roof may also be required.  Chairwoman also commented on the progress that Nancy Polderdyke has made on transferring paper cemetery files to computer disk.  She was referred to the John Powers case as an example where all the information had been compiled on one sheet, including the plot layout.


Trustee Knapp inquired as to the current status of completing the paving of roadways at Riverside. He was advised that this is a budgeted item and will again be placed on the 2001-02 budget requests this year.  There is also the possibility of having the work completed during upcoming street paving programs, when a more economical price can be obtained.


Trustee Grzywacz commented on the current condition of the cemetery and the need to continue to keep the cemetery in good condition.  Board members were unanimous in their praise for the job that former DMS employee Rod Hage performed while on duty at Riverside, and hoped that DMS can assign another employee to continue in that same manner.


It was moved by Trustee Knapp and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 pm.