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May 29, 2001


Cemetery Board of Trustees

May 29, 2001 – 5:00 pm – Riverside Cemetery



ROLL CALL – Members Present:  Chairwoman Olson, Trustee Knapp, Trustee Robertson, Trustee Dougherty, Trustee Grzywacz.

Also Present:  Mark Hammar, Asst. DMS Director


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Robertson to approve the meeting minutes of February 26, 2001 as written.


                                                                   MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY


OLD BUSINESS – Chairwoman Olson began this portion of the meeting by voicing her displeasure with the number of prohibited adhesive hooks still affixed to crypt and niche fronts. She recalled that a request was made on the record at the February meeting to remove all adhesive hooks and all other prohibited items from the Mausoleum immediately.  Trustee Dougherty commented that this has been an ongoing issue for many years, extending back to when Paul Sincock sat in on the meetings as the Administration liason.  Trustee Grzywacz suggested to Chairwoman Olson that she should contact Paul Sincock personally to stress the importance of keeping the crypts, niches, and grave plots free of prohibited items such as plastic hooks, statuary, and unapproved crosses.

The Administration brought before the Board a recommendation to include the cost of the new crypt/niche vases as part of the initial purchase price, adding $107.00 to the current price of a crypt or niche.  This would help to insure that a standard vase would be used for flowers at the Mausoleum, and would discourage the use of the plastic adhesive hooks.  Trustee Knapp inquired as to whether the purchaser could have the option of buying a vase or not, could the family decline and have the $107 deducted from the total cost.  The policy is that the $107 would not be deducted, cemetery staff would install the vase holder on the crypt/niche front when the name plate is installed, and the family would have the option of either using the vase for flowers, or utilize the vase holder to hang a wreath in the winter.  Trustee Grzywacz commented that the family might change their mind after a short period of time and decide they wanted a vase since it is the only means of decoration permitted on the crypt/niche fronts.  The Board agreed with this new pricing structure if it means reducing, and hopefully eliminating the presence of plastic hooks and hangers on crypt and niche fronts.


NEW BUSINESS – Chairwoman Olson stated that the walking tour of Riverside Cemetery would be held upon adjournment of the meeting.  The walking tour began at the New Garden Court Mausoleum where Chairwoman Olson directed the Board’s attention to the unsightly display of numerous plastic hooks, hangers, dead wreaths and other prohibited items still attached to crypts and niches.  It was her understanding that all of these items were to be removed during this year’s Spring Cleanup in April.  She reiterated her displeasure with the lack of diligence on the part of DMS to remove these items promptly.  Trustee Dougherty commented that the rules cannot be enforced if these type of items are permitted to exist throughout the cemetery.

The Board members proceeded to Block K where, once again, mention was made of the presence of numerous artificial flower arrangements, plastic and concrete statuary, and unapproved crosses littering the landscape.  The Administration noted that while all prohibited items were removed during the April Spring Cleanup, many more were placed during the past Memorial Day weekend.  The Administration added that a service request will be forwarded to DMS to remove all prohibited items immediately.  Board members did comment on the nice addition of the brick pavers and benches around the flag pole in Block K.  It was noted by Administration that any Memorial Bricks purchased through the DMS office will be placed in the brick walkway.

The Board of Trustees moved on to Block G along the eastern edge of the cemetery to view the proliferation of landscape bricks around several grave plots. Chairwoman Olson inquired as to any current action being taken on this matter through the DMS office.  Administration noted that while plot owners were sent copies of the revised rules and regulations addressing these types of decorations, no enforcement has taken place. Trustee Grzywacz commented that while the decorative brick edging exceeds the six inch perimeter allowed, the majority of the plots are well-tended.  Board members were in agreement that this situation has gotten out of control and perhaps the best course of action may be to leave it as is, so long as it does not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.


STAFF REPORT – The Board reviewed the staff report as well as the progress report from Nancy Polderdyke regarding the updating the cemetery records and sales information book.  Board members were very appreciative of her efforts and skills in assembling such a comprehensive system of record management.  Trustee Robertson stated that she was unable to locate a member of her family, Gerald Krumm, in the Veterans section of the sales book, and that a United States flag and veteran’s plaque were not placed on this grave in the North Addition to A during this past Memorial Day weekend.  She was advised that this information will be added and a request for a flag and plaque will be sent to DMS for action.


CORRESPONDENCE – Chairwoman Olson reiterated her pleasure with the cemetery-related articles that are a part of the agenda packet each quarter.  The Administration noted that the article addressing the need to verify ownership of vacant graves is a universal problem among many cemeteries.  It is possible that Riverside Cemetery has several desirable gravesites that may never be used because the family may not be aware that they are in their possession or have been deeded to surviving members.


ADJOURNMENT – It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to adjourn the meeting and proceed to the walking tour of Riverside Cemetery.


                                                                   MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY



Respectfully Submitted,




Mark A. Hammar, Asst. Director

Department of Municipal Services