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May 28, 2002


Cemetery Board of Trustees

May 28, 2002


A regular quarterly meeting of the Plymouth Cemetery Board of Trustees was held at 5:00 pm at the Riverside Mausoleum.




            Present:  Chairwoman Loretta Olson, Trustees Barbara Dougherty, Patricia Grzywacz.

            Excused: Trustee Marian Robertson


            Also Present: Mark Hammar, Steve Faiman




It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to approve the meeting minutes for February 25, 2002 as written.




Mr. Mike Reynolds, owner of a crypt at Riverside Mausoleum, addressed the Board regarding enforcing the rules for crypt and niche front decorations uniformly.  He stated that he has abided by the rules as they pertain to the size of wreath, and has not used plastic adhesive hooks, unlike other crypt owners.  He also requested that the current set of cemetery rules and regulations be reviewed and condensed; he believes the current rule that permits silk flowers on all crypt/niche fronts but not on grave sites after May 15th is confusing to the public and that the cemetery staff may not understand the difference between silk flowers and artificial flowers.  Mr. Reynolds suggested that perhaps the Cemetery Board and the City of Plymouth should look at having Riverside Cemetery managed by a private company, but still have the city perform the maintenance.  The Board thanked Mr. Reynolds for his comments and concerns and advised him that they would take a look at reviewing the current rules and regulations for the purpose of simplifying and clarifying.


Ms. Mary Fitzpatrick addressed the board regarding the removal of a small, personalized decorative stone from her husbands’ gravesite in Block K.  She stated that she did check the area adjacent to the cemetery maintenance garage, but could not find her stone there.   She believes that this stone should be permitted, and is very upset that someone would take her stone.  Ms. Fitzpatrick stated that she did not blame the cemetery staff for the removal, but she would consider taking this matter to the media.  The Board suggested that Ms. Fitzpatrick may want to look at securing the stone to the headstone with an epoxy, provided it is not placed in the path of the mower, where it could be struck or damaged.  Ms. Fitzpatrick thanked the Board for their time and attention, and stated that she would look at replacing the stone and consider the suggestion by the Board to secure the new stone with an epoxy adhesive solution.


Ms. Bascom appeared briefly before the Board to state that she is happy with the appearance and care of the cemetery, and has no complaints or concerns at this time.


Ms. Tobias appeared before the Board to voice her dissatisfaction with the removal of her urn from the family gravesite in Block K with no explanation.  Apparently, the cemetery staff  was erroneously informed that cement urns are prohibited in Block K. The Board and the Administration apologized for this error, and informed Ms. Tobias that if the cement urn meets all the requirements of the rules and is maintained regularly, the urn would be permitted in Block K.   Ms. Tobias also requested that she be notified in advance should there be a problem with any of her decorations.


The Cemetery Board of Trustees reviewed the letter from Ms. Florence McDonald requesting the planting of a dwarf spruce tree on her grave plots in Blocks B and F.  The Board agreed with the recommendation by the Administration to deny her request for the tree planting due to maintenance concerns.  It was moved by Trustee Grzywacz and seconded by Trustee Dougherty to deny the request of Ms. Florence McDonald to plant dwarf spruce trees on her gravesites.


Chairwoman Olson inquired as to the status of the appointment of a trustee to complete the term of former Trustee Sanford Knapp, who resigned due to health problems.  She was informed that the City Commission is currently seeking applicants for this vacancy, and the Mayor will appoint someone as soon as all applications are reviewed and considered.


Trustee Grzywacz inquired as to the status of the DMS using court workers to help maintain and perform cleanup projects at both Riverside and Pearl St. cemeteries.  Steve Faiman, DMS Foreman, indicated that the department has been using these workers regularly this year to empty trash and cleanup along the fence lines at both cemeteries.  In addition, the department has dispatched the brush chipper to Pearl St. to cut back overgrown trees and shrubs.


Hearing no other business to come before the Board at this time, Chairwoman Olson called for a motion to adjourn.  It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to adjourn the meeting.


The Board of Trustees proceeded to tour the grounds of Riverside Cemetery to review the current state of the cemetery with City Staff.


NEXT MEETING:            Monday, August 26, 2002 – 7:00 pm at Plymouth City Hall