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November 25, 2002


Cemetery Board of Trustees

November 25, 2002


A regular quarterly meeting of the Plymouth Cemetery Board of Trustees was held at 7:00 pm at the Second Floor Meeting Room at Plymouth City Hall, 201 S. Main St.




Present:  Chairwoman Loretta Olson, Trustees Marian Robertson, Barbara Dougherty, and Patricia Grzywacz.

            Also Present:  Mark Hammar, Steve Faiman, Sherrie Pryor




It was moved by Trustee Grzywacz and seconded by Trustee Robertson to approve the meeting minutes for August 26, 2002 as written.


                                                                                                MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY




Ms. Katerina Karnakis owns grave plots in Block M at Riverside Cemetery.  She inquired if urns were permitted in that section of the cemetery.  Upon clarification of the exact location of her gravesites, it was determined that the current rules and regulations for Block M do not permit urns.  Chairwoman Olson gave Ms. Karnakis a copy of the rules and regulations for her review.


Ms. Kavalos owns grave plots in Block G at Riverside Cemetery and inquired if angel statues were permitted on top of existing monuments.  The Board advised Ms. Kavalos that statues are not permitted according to Section E, paragraph 4 “All plastic, cement, fiberglass, metal and wood objects … are prohibited unless otherwise approved and registered by the cemetery superintendent.”


Sherrie Pryor, Administrative Assistant at the Department of Municipal Services office, asked the Board for clarification on the residency requirement as it applies to both grave/crypt/niche purchases and interment costs.  Currently, a resident is considered a person whose legal residence according to their driver’s license is in the City of Plymouth.  Recently, there have been situations where the person was a resident when they purchased a gravesite, but had relocated outside the city prior to the time of their death and it was questioned whether they would receive the “resident rate” for interment costs.  Ms. Pryor offered to research rules and regulations from other cemeteries and revise and condense the current set of rules for clarity.  The Board accepted Ms. Pryor’s offer to come back at the February 24, 2003 meeting with a rough draft for the Board members’ review.




Chairwoman Olson addressed the matter of the two missing wood crosses in Block K.  The crosses had been approved by the Cemetery Board approximately 10 years ago and had never been tampered with or stolen. 


The Board members reviewed the list of delinquent time payment accounts that are still outstanding.  Mark Hammar advised the Board that after the new year, an updated account activity report would be requested from the City Treasurer and at that time any delinquent accounts with outstanding balances would be notified that their graves and/or crypts would be taken back by the City of Plymouth due to non-payment and breach of the Purchase Agreement.




It was moved by Trustee Robertson and seconded by Trustee Grzywacz to accept the proposed 2003 quarterly meeting schedule for the Cemetery Board of Trustees as follows:


            Monday,February 24, 20037:00 pm at Plymouth City Hall


            Tuesday, May 27, 20035:00 pm at Riverside Cemetery


            Monday, August 25, 20037:00 pm at Plymouth City Hall


            Monday, November 24, 20037:00 pm at Plymouth City Hall


                                                                                                MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


Chairwoman Olson and Trustee Dougherty expressed their desire to be re-appointed to another term on the Cemetery Board of Trustees upon the expiration of their current terms on December 31, 2002.  Mark Hammar informed them that he would pass their wishes on to the City Manager to forward to Mayor Bill Graham for consideration.


The Board members reviewed the memo from Administration regarding the awarding of the cemetery lawn mowing contract to R. Melow Landscaping.  Both Steve Faiman and Mark Hammar assured the Board that Mr. Melow, a former DMS employee, is well aware of the high standard of service required at the cemeteries.


Trustee Robertson asked Steve Faiman the status of her request to re-set the Krumm family monument that had been moved off it’s foundation during the summer mowing.  Mr. Faiman informed her that he would have a service request generated and would see that the work was done expeditiously.




The Board members reviewed the two news articles regarding cemetery operations and discussed the matter of Parkview Memorial Cemetery in Livonia burying someone’s father in the wrong grave.   The family has filed a lawsuit against the privately owned cemetery.



It was moved by Trustee Grzywacz and seconded by Trustee Robertson to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 pm.


                                                                                                MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, February 24, 20037:00 pm at City Hall