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February 24, 2003


Cemetery Board of Trustees

February 24, 2003


A regular quarterly meeting of the Plymouth Cemetery Board of Trustees was held at 7:00 pm at the Second Floor Meeting Room at Plymouth City Hall, 201 S. Main St.




Present:  Chairwoman Loretta Olson and Barbara Dougherty.

Absent: Trustees Marian Robertson and Patricia Grzywacz

            Also Present:  Mark Hammar, Steve Faiman, Sherrie Pryor and Scott Baker




It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Trustee Olson to approve the meeting minutes for November 25, 2002 as written.


                                                                                                MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY




Linda Dancy, representing the Reed Family, presented a request for a bench to placed on Lot 215 Block G. The bench will be 48” x 14” x 4” and will be installed on a granite foundation provided by and installed by Inch Memorials. Steve Faiman from the Department of Municipal Services has reviewed the proposed location and has determined that the bench will fit without encroaching onto any of the nearby graves.


Motion from Chairwoman Olson to approve this request

Seconded by trustee Dougherty                                                            MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY





The Cemetery Board reviewed the list of delinquent time payment accounts. Most of the delinquent accounts were paid in full by the deadline. The DMS will be creating deeds for these folks. Three families will be permitted to continue on the time payment program. Four families will be receiving a refund of any monies paid and their graves will be returned to the city for non-payment. There is a question regarding the Matthews family in Block K, Lot 262. They apparently have one family member buried in a grave at that location. We need to make sure that that graves to be returned to the city are indeed open and available for resale.




The board reviewed the policy on residency and agreed to continue to use the address on the deed for determining whether a family qualifies for the residency discount or is charged as a non-resident.



The Board discussed the request from Ghostbuster’s of Michigan to allow research and evidence gathering at Riverside Cemetery for the study of the supernatural. There was concern over the research methods to be used. The board directed the cemetery staff to respond in writing that we are not interested in participating in this study.

Motion from Chairwoman Olson to decline the request

Seconded by Trustee Dougherty                                                           MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


The cemetery board expressed their appreciation for all of the work completed by the staff in the revision of the cemetery rules. Chairwoman Olson indicated that she had carefully proofread the rules and found no errors whatsoever. She also indicated that since we have changed the rules to allow flower Urns in Block M that a letter should be sent to the Karnakis family to let them know that their request for an urn in Block M, turned down in November, is now approved if they still wish to install one.


Motion from Trustee Dougherty to approve the new rules as written

Seconded by Chairwoman Olson                                                          MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY



Discussion with Scott Baker explaining that since taxpayer dollars support the operation of the cemetery resident rates will not increase except for cremain burials. These have not been increased in many years. The fees for cremain burials currently do not effectively cover enough of the costs associated with performing the necessary work involved. Mr. Baker also pointed out that compared to other municipal cemeteries in the area, our rates are very reasonable even with the proposed increases.


Motion from Trustee Dougherty to accept the proposed rate increases

Seconded by Chairwoman Olson                                                          MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY








It was moved by Trustee Dougherty and seconded by Chairwoman Olson to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm.


                                                                                                MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


Respectfully Submitted,

Sherrie Pryor


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, May 27, 20035:00 pm at Riverside Cemetery