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May 27, 2003

Cemetery Board

Meeting Minutes for

Tuesday May 27, 2003


1.  Roll Call –

Present:  Chairperson Loretta Olsen, Barbara Dougherty, Pat Grzywacz, Marian Robertson, and Ina Severson

Absent:  None

City Representatives:  Neighborhood Services Coordinator Scott Cabauatan, and Forman / Inspector Bernie Olsen



2.  Approval of February 24, 2003 meeting Minutes

·        Motion presented by: Member Dougherty seconded by Member Gryzwacz.  Motion passed, unanimous.


3.  Citizens Comments –

·        Betsy Wallace stated that her husband’s flag keeps being removed from his grave.  She has had the flag replaced three times.  She would like to she the police patrol the area more often to keep the kids from taking the flags off the gravesites.  She also stated along with a family friend that the baby section looks awful.  They stated that over the winter / spring there was a large amount of flooding there.  They would like to see the grade level of that section raised by about 12 inches or so in order to prevent the flooding.  City representatives explained that the flooding was due to an excessive amount of frost in the ground and that typically that area does not flood due to the large amount of sand.  They both thought that it would be a good idea to have some designation to the baby section such as a monument or some type of designation.

·        Lavern Little stated that her husband’s grave has two built in vases and there are some little flags that keep being removed in section B.  Chairperson Olson did comment that the flags are ok and that the city was not removing them.  City representatives did comment that toys and nick knacks are removed but stored at the cemetery garage.


4.  Old Business –

·        City Representative Olsen presented a report on cemetery work activity.  Member Gryzwacz inquired about planting flowers at the entrance of the Riverside Cemetery.  Compliments were also given to the city regarding the renovation and the hard work in cleaning up the York Street Cemetery.

·        A report was read regarding the time payment contract status.  The recommendation from the administration was to issue a reminder letter to one family.  A motion was made by Member Gryzwacz and seconded by Member Dougherty. Motion passed, unanimous. 

·        Member Gryzwacz also commented on the status of the time payments that the board was with the understanding that they would continue to be offered and now the city has stated they are no longer available.


5.  New Business –

·        A motion was made in reference to placing a marker in the baby section since there is no designation.  The sign(s) will be similar to the signs that designate the various sections of the cemetery using unistrut:  Motion made by Member Dougherty and seconded by Member Robertson.  Motion passed, unanimous.


6.  Correspondence-

·        None


7.  Adjournment –

·        Motion to adjourn made by Member Gryzwacz and seconded by Member Severson.  Motion passed, unanimous.