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August 25, 2003

Cemetery Board

Meeting Minutes

Monday August 25, 2003



1.  Roll Call –

Board Members Present:  Loretta Olson, Barbara Dougherty, Pat Gryzwacz and Ina Severson

Board Members Absent: Marian Robertson,

City Representatives:  Sherrie Pryor and Steve Faiman, Foreman


2.      Approval of May 27, 2003 meeting Minutes with one correction: the spelling of

       Loretta Olson’s name should be Olson, not Olsen.

·        Motion presented by: Member Dougherty seconded by Member Gryzwacz.  Motion passed, unanimous.


3.  Citizens Comments –

·        None


4.  Old Business –

·        Member Gryzwacz wanted to bring to the board’s attention that she called the cemetery office to inquire about time payments, recently and was told on the phone that time payments are no longer offered. She expressed concern in hearing this because the cemetery board on August 26, 2002 voted to continue offering time payments.


·        Sign for Section G (The Baby Section). At the May meeting it was requested that a sign be posted in the baby section. The staff encountered negative feedback for posting a sign with the verbiage “Babyland” and asked for additional direction from the board regarding the verbiage. Pat Gryzwacz said she would do some checking and report back at the next meeting.    


5.  New Business –

·        Member Marian Robertson has notified Chairperson Olson that she will be resigning from the cemetery board. Staff will notify the City Manager and see if there is another resident interested in serving on the board.


·        Member Dougherty requested that the staff check into the possibility of running a small ad in the local paper just prior to spring clean-up each year, notifying people that grave blankets and wreaths must be removed by April 1. Chairperson Olson indicated that she would be interested in having an ad run only if there was no cost involved.


·        Member Gryzwacz brought a concern from a local resident that the grass cutting wasn’t looking very good. Discussion amongst the board and staff was that the cemetery grounds are being cared for properly by the staff and contractor except for a few minor issues that have been dealt with by staff.


·        Staff presented sample language for a new rule to be added to the cemetery rule sheet:


The maximum number of markers permitted on any single grave is two. The second marker must be a flat marker, not larger than 24” x 12” installed flush with the ground at the foot of the grave. This includes Veteran’s markers. In Block M the Veteran’s marker will be installed on the back of the upright headstone.


Motion to approve rule change by member Dougherty, seconded by Member Severson, passed unanimously.


6.  Correspondence-

·        None


7.  Adjournment –

·        Motion to adjourn at 7:40pm made by Member Dougherty and seconded by Member Gryzwacz.  Motion passed, unanimously.