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November 24, 2003

Cemetery Board

Meeting Minutes for

Monday November 24, 2003



1.  Roll Call –

Board Members Present:  Loretta Olson, Barbara Dougherty, Pat Gryzwacz, Ina Severson Pat Carne and Myra Gentry

Board Members Absent: None

City Representatives:  Sherrie Pryor and Steve Faiman, Foreman


Approval of August 24, 2003 meeting Minutes

·         Motion presented by: Member Dougherty seconded by Member Carne.  Motion passed, unanimous

2. Introduction of new members – Pat Carne and Myra Gentry


3.  Citizens Comments –

·         None


4.  Old Business –

·          A letter from Loretta Olson was submitted to the City staff requesting that various concrete flower urns be removed from gravesites. Steve Faiman explained that Urns have a great deal of sentimental value to families and that some are used to mark the grave of a loved one. Steve further noted that unless the urn is physically deteriorated to the point where it is fallen to pieces that we will not remove them.


The board was also informed that no person on the board is to remove anything from any grave and they are not to direct any staff member, court worker or other person to remove anything from any grave.


Any concerns regarding the cemetery should be directed to the staff, who are charged with the operation of the cemetery to be handled by City personnel.


·         Sign for Section G (The Baby Section). At the May meeting it was requested that a sign be posted in the baby section. Pat Grzywacz reported that her daughter, who works in bereavement at a local hospital informed her that some cemeteries have installed signs that say “Littlest Angels” to denote the area where babies are buried.


A motion was brought by member Grzywacz to install a sign, matching the other “block” signs that reads “Little Angels” or “Littlest Angels” to Steve Faiman’s discretion. The motion was seconded by Member Dougherty and passed unanimously.


5.  New Business –

·         Request from the Krueger family to offer special arrangements for time payments on two crypts that are adjacent to where their son is buried. He would like 24 months to pay off the balance rather than the 12 months that is permitted in the rules.


Motion by member Grzywacz to extend the time payment for the Krueger families two crypts to twenty-four months instead of 12 months, with all other time payment rules in full effect. Seconded by member Carne. Passed unanimously.


·         Request from staff to allow a separate listing of the time payment rules to be distributed with the time payment contract so that the buyer will be fully aware of the terms of the agreement. All rules listed will be consistent with the provisions in the contract, they are just spelled out more clearly in everyday language. The board agreed that this is an acceptable idea.


·         There was discussion of a patron’s request for a more visible entrance sign on Plymouth Road. The board’s feeling is that this is not a high priority given the city’s current financial situation, and will hold off on recommending a sign at this time but may explore the option at some point in the future.


·         There was a discussion by Steve Faiman regarding investigation to find the owners of large areas of unused graves in the older sections of the cemetery. The board agreed that it would be acceptable to do some investigation and cautioned the staff to proceed carefully in light of the age of the files and how ownership is affected by inheritances, etc. if the original owners have passed away.


·         An idea from the staff was presented regarding the possible establishment of a cremains only section in Block K. This will be brought back to the board in more detail at the next meeting.


·         Member Grzywacz requested that the basket with the flower holders be placed back out in a place where they can be accessible to the public. Steve Faiman agreed to do some checking to see if these are stored in the garage and if so will bring them back out.


6.  Correspondence-

·         None


7.  Adjournment –

·         Motion to adjourn at 7:58pm  made by Member Dougherty and seconded by Member Gryzwacz.  Motion passed, unanimously.