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February 23, 2004


Riverside Cemetery


Cemetery Board

Meeting Minutes for

Monday February 23, 2004



1.  Roll Call –

Board Members Present:  Loretta Olson, Barbara Dougherty, Pat Gryzwacz, Ina Severson Pat Carne and Myra Gentry

Board Members Absent: None

City Representatives:  Sherrie Pryor and Steve Faiman, Foreman


2.  Approval of November  24, 2003 meeting Minutes

·         Motion presented by: Member Gentry seconded by Member Dougherty.  Motion passed, unanimous


3.  Citizens Comments –

·         None


4.  Old Business –

·         Sign for baby section – The sign was installed as requested per the November meeting. Chairperson Olson likes it. Other members agreed that it looks nice. Faiman reported that one visitor had positive comments also.  No action needed


·         Temporary vases – They are there alongside the wooden fence, they are in a metal can with a lid. In spring we can get a nicer looking container and move them to a more accessible/visible location. It was also mentioned that during clean-up times, the crews save some of the temporary vases for reuse.


·         Cremains Only section – will be addressed at the next meeting when staff has had the opportunity to visit another cemetery and do more research.


·         There was a request from the board to ask the City Manager if we can purchase additional trash can covers.


5.  New Business –

·         Set Meeting dates for 2004 –

§         May 24, 2004           5:00 pm at mausoleum

§         August 23, 2004       7:00 pm City Hall

§         November 22, 2004  7:00 pm City Hall

§         February 28, 2005   7:00 pm City Hall .

·         Elect a Chairperson – Loretta Olson was nominated and voted in unanimously.


·         Increase fees for graves in the old section – discussion item

§         Member Doughtery expressed opposition

§         Member Grzywacz expressed opposition

The board declined to take any action on this matter at this time.  


6.  Correspondence-

·         None


7.  Adjournment –

·         Motion to adjourn at 7:20pm  made by Member Carne and seconded by Member Gryzwacz.  Motion passed, unanimously.