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May 23, 2005
Riverside Cemetery
1231 Goldsmith
Plymouth, MI 48170

Cemetery Board
Meeting Minutes for
Monday May 23, 2005

1. Roll Call -
Board Members Present: Loretta Olson, Pat Gryzwacz, Ina Severson Pat Carne and Barbara Dougherty
Board Members Absent: Myra Gentry
City Representatives: Sherrie Pryor and Steve Faiman, Senior Foreman

2. Approval of Minutes
" There were no minutes to review since there have not been any agenda items for the previous meetings

3. Citizens Comments -
" Mrs. Watkins requested a superintendent review of her lot #46 in Block M for the possible placement of a bench.
" Request that the temporary metal vases that are taken off of graves be placed in the container that is provided for them so that they can be reused.
" Pat Carne brought it to the board's attention that some cemeteries are allowing cellular phone towers to be constructed on the property and that she would not like to see this happen in Riverside cemetery.

4. Old Business -
" None

5. New Business -
" Veteran's marker foundation pricing- Due to a price increase from the vendor of $5.00, city staff requested that the cemetery board approve a price increase from $135.00 for a veteran's marker foundation to $140.00
Motion to increase veteran's marker foundation prices by $5.00 --Barbara Dougherty
Seconded --Pat Gryzwacz
Motion passed unanimously

" Walk the Grounds - A walking tour of the grounds was conducted during which the board discussed the suitability for Lot 46 of Block M for a bench location as requested by Mrs. Watkins.
Motion to approve request for bench at Lot 46 of Block M providing that the bench is of the permitted, size and materials -Pat Gryzwacz
Seconded-Barb Dougherty
Motion passed unanimously

6. Correspondence-
" None

7. Adjournment -
" Motion to adjourn at 5:25pm made by Pat Carne and seconded by Ina Severson. Motion passed, unanimously.