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November 04, 2002 - Special Meeting







MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2002  6:30 P.M.



A special meeting of the Plymouth City Commission was held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, November 4, 2002, in the Commission Conference Room, at City Hall, 201 S. Main Street, in the City of Plymouth, Michigan.


PRESENT:  Mayor Bill Graham,  and Commissioners Ron Loiselle, Dan Dwyer, Michele Potter, Stella Greene and Phil Pursell


Also present were City Manager, Paul Sincock, City Attorney, Bob Marzano, various department heads.


2.                  Closed Session


A motion was offered by Comm. Potter and seconded by Comm. Dwyer.  Motion carried.


a.                   Labor Relations – Teamsters 214


City Manager stated that in the past, management has had the right to maintain the scheduling and the City provided equity among all employees.  Mr. Smith never wanted to trade shifts.  Comm. Potter inquired if this was a lateral move for Mr. Smith and was told yes.  Comm. Green and Dwyer were told that this is not a permanent situation and it may require Mr. Smith to work weekends maybe once a month or once every couple of months.  City Manager, Sincock stated that they are trying to be equitable to all three full-time employees. 


City Attorney, Marzano stated that this could be taken to arbitration and it could take a year to settle.


b.                  Pending Litigation


Mayor Graham stated that this was not an issue with residents, it is an issue of a business enterprise being conducted in an area zoned residential.  Dr. Broe needs to comply with the ordinance.  Mayor Graham stated that this is a health, safety and welfare issue of not only the patients but also the neighbors of this community.  Comm. Potter stated that any home nurse visitation must be licensed by the State.  Comm. Loiselle stated that it is not the patients of this facility signing a rental agreement, the insurance companies of the patients are signing the agreement with Dr. Broe.  City Attorney, Marzano stated that there are two (2) options with this situation: 1. Voluntary agreement to discovery  2. Federal Court action

Mayor Graham stated that Dr. Broe and his attorney has referred to his rentals as the Plymouth Campus.  Comm. Dwyer stated that every home business in the City of Plymouth needs to be cited.  City Attorney advised Commission to continue forward.





A motion was offered by Comm. Loiselle and seconded by Comm. Potter to close meeting and adjourn. Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00.