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March 04, 2002





A regular meeting of the Plymouth City Commission was held at 7:06 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2002 at Plymouth City Hall, 201 S. Main Street, Plymouth, MI 48170.


PRESENT:  Mayor William Graham, Commissioners Dan Dwyer, Ron Loiselle,

                    Phil Pursell, Stella Greene


ABSENT:   Mayor Pro-tem Colleen Pobur and Commissioner Michele Potter, excused


Also present were City Manager Paul Sincock, City Attorney Robert Marzano and various Department Heads.






Motion was made by Comm. Dwyer and seconded by Comm. Pursell for approval of the agenda for Monday, March 4, 2002, as presented.  Carried unanimously.




4a.  Approval of February 19, 2002 City Commission Meeting Minutes –


Motion was made by Comm. Greene and seconded by Comm. Dwyer for approval of the City Commission Meeting Minutes for February 19, 2002.  Carried unanimously.


4b.  Approval of January Bills -    (Carried over to next regular meeting agenda)


4c. Enhanced Access Policy –


RES #2002-24


WHEREAS, Public Act #462 of 1996, the Enhanced Access to Public Records Act, allows public bodies to provide enhanced access for the inspection, copying, or purchasing of public record that is not confidential or otherwise exempt by law from disclosure; and

WHEREAS, the legislation further requires that a public body who wishes to provide such enhanced access must produce a policy, approved by the governing body, guiding the access of information; and

WHEREAS, certain cities, villages, townships, and counties may share data through the City’s geographic information system (GIS); and


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Plymouth City Commission adopt the attached Enhanced Access to Public Records Policy, in accordance with the Enhanced Access to Public Records Act, 1996, P.A. 462.


Motion was made by Comm. Greene and seconded by Comm. Dwyer for approval of the resolution.  Carried unanimously.




City Manager Sincock spoke about the Oasis Pottery Painting Studio on Ann Arbor Trail that had delivered a plate with the official Seal of the City of Plymouth to his office, and asked that he present it to the City Commissioners.


Mayor Graham thanked the proprietor for the gift and asked Paul to find a spot in his office for the plate.


Comm. Greene stated that might keep in mind this type of a gift for Mayor’s Exchange Day.


Comm. Pursell thanked the City Manager for the update on the upcoming Spring Clean-Up, which is scheduled for May 4th ,  and May 18th being the Household Hazardous Waste Day.


Comm. Greene spoke on behalf of the Community Arts Council and thanked the City of Plymouth for facilitating their payoff of their debt to the city. She stated she feels they have become a very valuable part of the community and are extremely pleased to have their facility free and clear.  She thanked the City of Plymouth for all their cooperation in working with them over the years in order to stay in the city and become an integral part of the community.


Mayor Graham spoke about attending the recent PCAC fundraising event and what a pleasure it was to represent the City of Plymouth.  He stated it was a very well attended beautiful event.  He spoke about the DDA Committee he formed and that they have met for the first time to discuss the DDA position and was very productive.  He stated it is important to meet to flush out the facts for a couple of meetings before they have it pretty well figured out.  He spoke about attending a Beautification Award Ceremony at the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce last Thursday and how gratifying it was to see positive results of beautification projects.  Mayor Graham also spoke about the Michigan Economic Development Corporation information he received concerning Block Grant Funds and asked the City Manager to take a look to see if there are any monies to be applied for by the City of Plymouth.






7a.  Budget Amendments –


RES. #2002-25


WHEREAS, the City Commission establishes a Budget for each fiscal year and the actual patterns of departmental expenditures and revenues may occur differently than originally projected; and

WHEREAS, the State of Michigan reduced State Shared Revenues by a substantial amount and there are other changes in both expenditures and revenues that need to be adjusted for; and

WHEREAS, the City Commission usually adjusts the current year a minimum of four times during the fiscal year and the City Administration has proposed several budget changes.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 2001-2002 City Budget is hereby amended as indicated in the Second Quarter Amendments column of the attached Budget Amendments Summary, which is made a part of this resolution.


Motion was made by Comm. Loiselle and seconded by Comm. Dwyer for approval of the resolution.  Carried unanimously.


7b.  Lawn Mowing Bids –


RES. #2002-26


WHEREAS, the City of Plymouth is desirous of contracting for certain lawn mowing services and the City accepted bids in 2001 for these services; and

WHEREAS, after the low bidder from 2001 was terminated from the contract for the failure to perform, GreenKeepers, Inc. the second low bidder performed the balance of the contract at their bid pricing; and

WHEREAS, GreenKeepers, Inc. has indicated their desire to continue to provide service to the City while maintaining their 2001 pricing levels.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City Commission of the City of Plymouth does hereby authorize a contract for lawn mowing services with GreenKeepers, Inc. in accordance with their 2001 Bid Documents, which includes the following Pricing:


            Riverside& Pearl Street Cemeteries                  $900.00 Per Cut

            City neighborhood Parks & Playgrounds           $420.00 Per Cut

            Road Rights of Ways                                        $180.00 Per Cut

            Soccer Fields                                                   $  90.00 Per Cut


Motion was made by Comm. Loiselle and seconded by Comm. Pursell for approval of the resolution.  Carried unanimously.




8a.  Committee Reports –


Comm. Dwyer spoke about the Youth Advisory Meetings he and Comm. Potter have been attending and that very soon they will have a Youth Advisory Committee in place.  He spoke about the anticipated project for bathroom facilities downtown and stated that they have a meeting this Thursday to decide the next steps and come up with a firm proposal.


Mayor Graham spoke about the upcoming State of the Community Breakfast on March 19th, the Hall of Fame Dinner on April 16th, and Plymouth Showcase on May 1st.


8c.  Appointments -   NONE


Mayor Graham spoke about the information the Commissioners received from the City Manager on Citizens Academy.  He stated he would like to see the Commissioners involved in this project and established a committee consisting of Comm. Dwyer, Comm. Greene, and Comm. Loiselle to work with the City Manager and the Administration.


Mayor Graham spoke about upcoming SEMCOG meetings and workshop on March 15th and March 21st that he is unable to attend and asked one of the Commissioners to consider attending in his place.


City Attorney Robert Marzano spoke about Charter Review, or Revision, and stated that he has been looking a possibly a revision but is doing the beginning research on this project and will get back with the City Manager and provide a report to the Commissioners.


Mayor Graham challenged anyone that feels the charter is outdated to come forth and vocalize what it is they feel needs to be revisited for amendment or revision.  He stated he would like this topic discussed at a committee of the whole meeting after the regular business meeting at the next regular meeting.




Hear no further discussion, a motion was made by Comm. Loiselle and seconded by Comm. Pursell for adjournment of the meeting at 8:50 p.m.  Carried unanimously.