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Tree Planting
All trees that are planted within the City are required to be 1.5 caliper at a height of 4.5 feet from grade.  All trees must be planted to ANSI A300 standards.  Please review those standards here.

A permit is required to plant a tree on private property or to plant a street tree without City crews. This ensures trees are planted in a location that is conducive to their long term health and growth and that they won't be placed in a location that threatens other trees or structures.  If you need to apply for a planting permit please fill out the application here and turn it into the Community Development Department located in City Hall on the second floor.

Prohibited Trees
The following trees are not allowed to be planted or re-planted:

Common Name

Scientific Name


Fraxinus species

Autumn and Russian-Olive

Elaeagnus species


Acer negundo                                            


Rhamnus species


Morus species


Populus species

Siberian Elm

Ulmus pumila

Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum

Tree of Heaven

Ailanthus altissma


Salix species